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Intellidyne Guarantee

ECS and Intellidyne are so confident that the IntelliCon products offered will reduce your energy consumption by a minimum of 10% in the first year, or we will refund your entire purchase price if we are unable to attain these savings. Ask you sales rep for details.

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ECS is an official partner with ConEd to maximize the incentives available for our products and services.

Intellicon RU

The IntelliCon® -RU will reduce electric consumption typically 10% to 20% when installed on commercial refrigeration/ freezer (refrigeration) systems. IntelliCon-RU represents a major advancement in refrigeration system energy-saving technology, unsurpassed in today's commercial refrigeration marketplace.

The IntelliCon®-RU is a microcomputer controlled UL listed electronic device that automatically adjusts the compressor cycles to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduced electrical usage. The sizing of refrigeration systems is based upon a number of factors. When any of the design considerations are not met, the refrigeration system is oversized for the load and thus, less efficient.

{mosimage} Intellidyne's patented process analyzes the demands and thermal characteristics of the entire refrigeration system, and dynamically modifies the compressor cycle pattern. These new patterns result in less frequent and more efficient compressor cycles. Just as computer control has increased the gas mileage of automobiles: IntelliCon-RU improves the electrical efficiency of refrigeration systems, by supplementing the antiquated on/off action of the thermostat or pressuretrol with the analysis and control capabilities of a computer.

The IntelliCon's "intelligent modification of compressor cycling" will result in significant electrical energy savings. IntelliCon's innovative and intelligent algorithms have field proven electrical savings not only on properly sized and operating systems, but also on units that were undersized or those that had not been properly maintained.

The IntelliCon-RU works in conjunction with the existing temperature controls and will not void the compressor manufacturer's warranty. An additional feature of the IntelliCon-RU is the accepted industry practice of compressor anti-short-cycling control.

The IntelliCon-RU does not require any programming, adjustments or maintenance.


  • Patented process reduces air conditioning electric consumption typically 10% to 20%
  • UL listed, "Energy Management Equipment"
  • Increased savings without replacing or upgrading costly system components
  • "State-of-the-art" microcomputer controller - LED indicators show operating modes
  • Protects compressor against momentary power outages and short cycling
  • No programming or follow-up visits required
  • Maximum year-round efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance and extends compressor life
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Guaranteed to save energy
  • 15-year replacement warranty for breakdowns or defects