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Intellidyne Guarantee

ECS and Intellidyne are so confident that the IntelliCon products offered will reduce your energy consumption by a minimum of 10% in the first year, or we will refund your entire purchase price if we are unable to attain these savings. Ask you sales rep for details.

Green Team Member


ECS is an official partner with ConEd to maximize the incentives available for our products and services.

Lighting and Controls

For the last 12 years ECS has been involved with increasing energy efficiency to our customers through the iintroduction of new energy efficient lighting fixtures and improved controls. Accorign to the US Department of Energy lighting accounts for 40% of electricity usage in a faility. Uncontrolled lighting results ina substancial waste of electricity.

The fixtures and controls that are offered by ECS are efficient and designed to lower energy costs, lower pollutants in the atmoshpere, increase productivity, lower operational costs, iprove the work area, increase the asset value of the facility and take funds otherwise paid to the local utilities back into the company for more productive uses.

With new more appealing fixture designs, the implementation of direct and indirect lighting we can provide more architectural interest while improving efficiency and employee productivity. In fact the more modern fitures can use 50% of the energy used by systems from the 1980's and 1990"s. The implementation of Lighting Controls which include occupancy sensors, dimmers, time controls, photoelectric controls.

The savings can be dramatic:

• Residential Facilities 15-70%
• Offices 15-70%
• Conference rooms 5-24%
• Restrooms 30-75%
• Classrooms 20-75%
• Storage areas 45-65%
• Warehouses 25-75%
• Open office spaces 5-25%