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Intellidyne Guarantee

ECS and Intellidyne are so confident that the IntelliCon products offered will reduce your energy consumption by a minimum of 10% in the first year, or we will refund your entire purchase price if we are unable to attain these savings. Ask you sales rep for details.

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ECS is an official partner with ConEd to maximize the incentives available for our products and services.

Forced Hot Air

CFAA heating system must keep a work place comfortably warm at the coldest anticipated outdoor temperature. Most forced-air heating systems in the U.S. and abroad are between 50% and 100%larger than necessary for maintaining a comfortable temperature on most days when the temperature is not as low as those extreme days. This excess capacity causes the burner to cycle on and off continuously to prevent the furnace from overheating. It also causes uncomfortable swings in temperature space. Even on furnaces with programmable setback thermostats or multi-zone controls, the burner cycling is not optimized. This burner cycling pattern wastes fuel and electricity while increasing the wear and tear on the entire heating system.  

When a forced air furnace receives a call for heat, the burner ignites, and the temperature starts rising in the heat exchanger. The IntelliCon-CFA monitors this temperature rise using its own sensors. The sensor tracks the temperature rise throughout the burner cycle. As the heat exchanger warms up, the temperature rise begins to level out, indicating that the output air temperature is stabilizing. When a constant temperature is reached, the IntelliCon-CFA shuts the burner off. While in"“Economy"” mode, burner ignition is prevented even if the thermostat continues to call for heat. Once the sensed temperature drops to the calculated optimal temperature, the burner is again allowed to fire. This firing cycle repeats until the call for heat is satisfied.  

energy starThe intelligent interaction between the IntelliCon-CFA, the thermostat and the burner ensures that the heating system provides a more even and comfortable level of heating while using less fuel. The IntelliCon-CFA ensures that the furnace delivers the appropriate amount of heated air necessary to heat the space at the desired temperature without noticeable and uncomfortable temperatures changes. At the same time, the reduction in burner runtime measurably reduces fuel consumed and generates significant fuel bill savings. Service personnel will appreciate the LCD readout, which displays useful unit status information, including discharge air temperature and, optionally, return air temperature. This display is useful for system diagnostics and maintenance. IntelliCon-CFA typically reduces fuel consumption 10% to 20%.

The IntelliCon-CFA's small 4"H x 4"W x2 ½"D size allows it to be installed almost anywhere. After installation, IntelliCon-CFA does not require any adjustment, programming or maintenance and will not violate the manufacturer's warranty.


  • Patented process reduces fuel consumption - typically 10% to 20% or more
  • Saves fuel without replacing or upgrading costly system components and without violating manufacturers warranties
  • Saves energy without sacrificing comfort
  • Guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption
  • Short payback period – typically 4 to 18months
  • Field-tested and validated energy saving control
  • Works with any thermostat including set back and multi-zone thermostats
  • UL listed, Energy Management Equipment”
  • State-of-the-art microcomputer controller
  • Easily installed plug-in sensor(s) (includes 1 required sensor)
  • LCD display shows operating modes, diagnostics, and system temperatures
  • Fail-safe operation
  • No programming or follow-up visits required
  • Maximum efficiency year-round
  • Reduces maintenance and extends furnace life
  • 15-year replacement warranty for breakdowns or defects