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Intellidyne Guarantee

ECS and Intellidyne are so confident that the IntelliCon products offered will reduce your energy consumption by a minimum of 10% in the first year, or we will refund your entire purchase price if we are unable to attain these savings. Ask you sales rep for details.

Green Team Member


ECS is an official partner with ConEd to maximize the incentives available for our products and services.

NYSERDA President On IntelliCon

Peter R. Smith, NYSERDA President and CEO, said, “From a fuel oil efficiency and air emissions perspective, these results are very encouraging. The results of this study of the IntelliCon control system can benefit customers, our environment.

The Cost of Saving Energy - NY Times July 15, 2007

NEW YORKERS have often been told that they use less energy than most Americans, partly because they live in the most densely populated city in the country.

And that's true, up to a point.

Sure, New Yorkers have the benefit of an extensive mass-transit system, which means lower auto emissions, but the city's residential buildings are less energy-efficient than those in many other places in the country, particularly in eco-friendly states like California and Vermont.

Garden Apartment Complex Saves $303k a Year

ECS and Intellidyne havecompleted the installation of 25 Intellicon CHS units at a 63 acre garden apartment co-op complex in Little Neck, NY.The savings on each boiler ranged from a minimum of 20% to as much as43%. These savings are much greater than the 10% guarantee we providedat the time of purchase.

In just one year for the 25 boilers, the complex has saved over $300,000 on oil and gas. Thatis almost twice what the project cost. With a $1.2 million fuel billeach year the board for this co-op complex expects to save at least$300,000 in the first full year of operation year. The payback for theinstallation is less than 4 months. With the increases in fuel costs those saving are going to increase significantly. 

Alexander Wolf Saves 45% for a client.

After one full year of operation Alexander Wolf has brought 45% savings to the owners of a Co-Op in Woodside, NY. This management company is always looking for ways to improve the costs for their clients. By bringing ECS to this client and having 2 IntelliCon-CHS systems installed they have realized savings of over $74,000 for the 2005 calendar year. These are not common savings but demonstrate the potential for any of our customers to exceed the 10% minimum.

Senior Housing Saves $28k

“One of the most important operational issues for us concerns the maintenance and cost of operating the heating and cooling systems in the multitude of locations throughout our portfolio. It is imperative that we keep these systems running 24/7 and as cost-effectively as possible,” said Jan Burman, President of Engel Burman Senior Housing. “IntelliCon controls at The Bristal continue to perform as Intellidyne claimed they would. We estimate that IntelliCon is saving us $28,000 annually in just this one facility."